Alcohol policy

If you appear under 25, we will ask for relevant photo ID before serving wine. Wine will only be served to individuals aged 18 or over. It is an offence to provide alcohol to anyone aged under 18 or for an adult to secure alcohol on their behalf. We advise anyone 25 or younger to bring appropriate ID on the day.

A day at the cook school includes wine with each course. Please note that this offer is not for unlimited wine. Wine should not be taken from the dining room to the kitchen. All wine will be removed from the table at the end of each class. We allow a 30 minute “drinking up time” from the end of the class. We ask you to respect our staff when enforcing this policy. In accordance with the Nick Nairn Cook School operating plan, alcohol for consumption onsite must be consumed only in the designated areas. Alcohol cannot be consumed outside the premises. Alcohol sold for consumption offsite cannot be consumed on the premises.

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